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Vice President of Communication and Engagement

The John Templeton Foundation – one of the largest private grantmaking foundations in the country – seeks an enterprising and thoughtful leader to serve as its Vice President of Communication and Engagement (VP) as it begins a new era of outreach and influence.

Established in 1987, The John Templeton Foundation (the Foundation) serves as a philanthropic catalyst for discoveries relating to the deepest and most perplexing questions facing humankind, questions such as, Do we inhabit a multiverse? Do we have free will? Is evolution directional? What is love?

Dedicated to the ideals of intellectual humility, open-mindedness, and curiosity, the Foundation’s ultimate goal is to continually bring new insights to bear on timeless questions as a means of stimulating progress.

The Foundation seeks a Vice President of Communication and Engagement who will work closely with its President, Heather Templeton Dill, staff, and key constituents to develop its public-facing profile at this exciting and pivotal time in its history. The Foundation has seen significant growth since its founding just over 30 years ago and finds itself in a position to increase its outreach and influence. The VP will play an essential role in defining how the Foundation’s mission is communicated to funding partners, grantees, and the general public; helping advance the Foundation’s investments in public engagement; and increasing the Foundation’s visibility as a global funder. The opportunity is not limited to external audiences alone—the VP will also help internal stakeholders understand how their work fits into the larger enterprise.

Reporting directly to the President, the Vice President will lead the Foundation’s communication efforts. The VP will collaborate and advise on the Foundation’s existing communication and engagement vehicles, and will identify new strategic alliances while working closely with the existing teams in these departments. As a member of the senior leadership team, the new VP will oversee the Public Engagement grantmaking process and help guide the decisions regarding funding approvals for the Public Engagement grants awarded by the Foundation.

The ideal candidate will have seven to ten years of experience in developing multi-faceted communications and engagement programs that elevate the perception of an entire institution with multiple audiences. The new VP will have keen strategic planning skills, experience in media relations and communications especially as they pertain to an academic or a grant making institution. The VP will demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of the communications process as well as excellent team and project management skills. A collaborative and collegial orientation is key, as are strong personal communications skills and intellectual curiosity. Bachelor’s degree required; advanced degree is preferred.

Please direct all nominations, inquiries and expressions of interest in confidence and electronically to: Andy Lee, Karen McPhedran, or Charlie Bentley: www.imsearch.com/7182

The John Templeton Foundation is an Equal Opportunity Employer.