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Program Officer, Character Virtue Development (Three-Year Term)

Location: Greater Philadelphia Area, Pennsylvania, USA

Department: Character Virtue Development

Reports to: Senior Director, Character Virtue Development

Salary: Competitive salary and benefits package based on qualifications and experience

Deadline: Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis

Organization and Position

The John Templeton Foundation aspires to become a global catalyst for discoveries that contribute to human flourishing by enabling people to create lives of purpose and meaning.  We fund research and catalyze conversations across disciplines – from astrophysics, evolutionary biology, and genetics, to philosophy, psychology, and economics – to aspire awe and wonder and help us understand what it means to live a life full of purpose and meaning.

The Character Virtue Development department seeks to advance the science and practice of good character, with a focus on virtues such as humility, gratitude, curiosity, diligence, and honesty. Current strategic priorities for the science of virtues include a focus on intellectual humility, curiosity, love, gratitude, and religion. The department’s priorities for the practice of good character include strengthening organizations through communities of practice and supporting organizations that help translate the science of character virtue development for their communities.

To support our team in advancing the Foundation’s mission, we are seeking a Program Officer for an anticipated duration of three years. The Program Officer will work with the Character Virtue Development department staff on both grantmaking and grant monitoring activities.  Specifically, the Program Officer will review open submission and proactive proposals, identify potential applicants, write summaries of relevant research and/or conference presentations, assist with conference/meeting planning, review grantee reports, provide summary updates, and communicate with applicants and grantees.

Areas of Responsibility

  • Contribute to the life cycle of the grant process for projects that fall under the purview of Character Virtue Development by reviewing and analyzing grant proposals, preparing funding recommendations and monitoring grant performance.
  • Communicate the Foundation’s mission and the department’s goals to relevant stakeholders, both internally and externally.
  • In collaboration with the Senior Program Associate and Senior Program Officer, monitor all active grants for the department, including the review of reports and grantee communications.
  • Evaluate the performance of grants and grantees in conjunction with the Planning and Evaluation department.
  • Identify potential applicants and relevant scholarly work in Character Virtue Development.
  • Attend and report on relevant academic conferences and grantee events.

Required Qualifications, Skills, and Abilities

  • Master’s Degree required in psychology, sociology, child development, education, or a related area; Ph.D. preferred.
  • A background in academic research.
  • A proven track record of writing and editing program related content, proposals, papers, and presentations.
  • Highly organized with strong analytical skills.
  • Skilled communicator able to work with scholars and members of the academic community as well as across internal departments in a multidisciplinary environment.
  • Adept relationship builder able to forge and maintain professional networks.
  • Ability to understand the Foundation’s mission and core themes.
  • Strong personal interest in the Foundation’s mission is essential.
  • Travel is required (approximately 25%)


We are committed to caring for our employees and their families through exceptional benefits. We pay for 100% of employee medical, dental and vision premiums, and generously contribute to family premiums.


Due to the coronavirus pandemic, team members may work in-office or remotely through March 1, 2022. The Foundation does plan to resume in-office operations when it is safe to do so, and the position will be based in the Foundation’s offices, located in West Conshohocken, PA. The Program Officer will need to maintain an in-office presence but may work remotely for a portion of their week in accordance with our hybrid work policy.

West Conshohocken, PA is a short drive (~15 miles) from Philadelphia and there is a nearby commuter train station with service into downtown Philadelphia. The offices are close to residential and commercial districts with multiple restaurants.

To Apply

To learn more about the role, or to apply, please visit www.templetoncareers.org.

Fill out my online form.