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Investment Analyst

Location: Philadelphia metro area, Pennsylvania, USA
Department: Investments
Reports to: Director, Investments
Salary: Competitive salary and benefits package based on qualifications and experience

Position Summary

Reporting to the Director of Investments, the Investment Analyst is an integral part of a small team responsible for the Foundation’s investment portfolio. The Investment Analyst will be primarily responsible for researching, collecting, and analyzing data, providing support to a wide range of investment operations. The Investment Analyst will take a lead role in manager due diligence, portfolio monitoring, reporting, evaluation, and other asset management functions.

Areas of Responsibility

  • Conduct thorough due diligence on all prospective managers and provide recommendations for the portfolio.
  • Monitor the portfolio holdings, performance, risk profile, and firm’s business development of all existing managers. Analyze manager position and performance and make recommendations based on findings.
  • Monitor the overall portfolio’s risk allocation/exposure. Design and produce analytic reports, analyze findings, and make recommendations.
  • Work with the Foundation’s custodian and external software providers in producing monthly performance report and quarterly risk report.
  • Maintain and update various databases on an ongoing basis.
  • Assist with cash flow forecasts and portfolio modeling.
  • Collect data and assist in preparing various monthly/quarterly reports for the overall portfolios and existing managers.
  • Participate in preparations for Investment Advisory Sub-Committee and Executive Committee meetings.
  • Co-manage internal laddered bond portfolio.
  • Perform fundamental and quantitative analysis.
  • Contribute to investment recommendations for prospective managers.
  • Attend manager meetings and participate in investment management discussions. Write up investment manager meeting notes.  This includes international travel.
  • Manage the annual manager survey process.
  • Complete legwork for operational / financial / accounting issues, as requested.
  • Carry out various other tasks such as interacting with managers and other service providers, collecting data and materials from external service providers, and preparing background information for manager reviews.
  • Support the Director of Investments on asset allocation and various projects. 

Criteria & Relevant Skills

  • Bachelor’s Degree required preferably with a finance or economic focus.
  • A minimum of 2 years of experience in investment management and manager due diligence.
  • CFA or CFA Candidate preferable
  • Strong knowledge of various asset classes and a broad understanding of global markets.
  • Proficiency in financial software databases and Microsoft tools, including advanced MS Excel skills.
  • High level of integrity, honesty, accountability, self-motivation, and intellectual curiosity.
  • Strong organizational skills
  • Willing and able to travel both domestically and outside the US.
  • Skilled written and oral communicator with attention to detail.
  • Strong personal interest in the Foundation’s mission.


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