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Coordinator, Program & Grant Operations

Position Summary

The Program & Grant Operations Coordinator is responsible for ensuring consistent grant making and grant monitoring processes at the Foundation. As the business process expert and software systems co-owner, the Coordinator serves as a resource and liaison for programs staff and operations staff (including IT, Accounting, Evaluation, and Communications). The Coordinator plays a key role in training and supporting staff on all grant-related processes and maintaining formal documentation of those processes. In addition, the Coordinator is integral in the design and implementation of process and software refinement projects that streamline and simplify work for internal and external stakeholders.

Areas of Responsibility

  • Works in conjunction with the Director of Program & Grant Operations on the analysis, development, implementation, and refinement of grant processes and systems refinements.
  • Creates business requirement documents for systems refinements, tests software changes, and updates training materials to support stakeholders.
  • Supports grantmaking staff in the implementation of all grant-related processes, including: initial inquiry review, full proposal review, preparation of materials for Trustee and the President, reporting, payments, and grant close-out.
  • Oversees the training function for grantmaking staff, including orientation and systems training for all new hires, periodic “refresher” trainings for staff, and specific trainings related to new or revised processes and/or software releases.
  • Supports internal and external users of the Foundation’s two custom software applications (Grants App and Templeton Portal), including providing “helpdesk” technical support for applicants and grantees.
  • Oversees and maintains the quality of Contact, Organization and Request record data in the custom Grants App.
  • Coordinates the delivery of proposal documents for Trustees meetings.

Criteria & Relevant Skills

  • Bachelor’s Degree required.
  • Minimum of 4 years’ professional experience in an operational role required.
  • Knowledge of grants management software and/or SalesForce.com preferred.
  • Project Management experience ranging from small tasks to multi-year, multi-phase projects.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  • Ability to multi-task
  • Strong process orientation.
  • Excellent attention to detail.
  • Knowledge of, or a strong personal interest in, one or more aspects of the Foundation’s mission is essential.
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