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Communications Intern (Temporary)

Position Summary

Reporting to the Director, Strategic Communication, the Communications Intern will support the activities of the Communications Department.

Areas of Responsibility

  • Assist with social media posts, website updates, and other digital activities, as needed
  • Conduct research and obtain permissions (such as for images) as needed
  • Schedule communications meetings, conference calls, and other communications activities and manage any necessary preparations
  • Catalogue contents and maintain inventory of the communications storage closet
  • Catalogue and maintain digital properties, such as stock images, Sir John images, etc.
  • Maintain inventory of stationery
  • Manage the communications and general info email inboxes and field inquiries to appropriate staff members
  • Review spreadsheet of events populated by program associates and compile monthly event calendar spreadsheet for website
  • Assist with contract, amendment, and work order requests as needed
  • Field requests from colleagues who require communications support
  • General project support for communications department
  • Provide administrative support for Director, Strategic Communication and Communications Specialist

Criteria & Relevant Skills

  • Bachelor’s degree in Communications, English, History, Marketing, or related field
  • Journalism experience preferred
  • Strong organizational skills and creative ability
  • Familiarity with websites, social media, and graphic design
  • Strong personal interest in the Foundation’s mission
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