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Chief Financial and Operating Officer

The Role

Reporting to the President, the Chief Financial and Operating Officer (CFOO) supports the mission and strategic objectives of the Foundation by leading, managing, and overseeing the Foundation’s operational and administrative areas including Finance and Accounting, Human Resources, Facilities, Program and Grant Operations, and Information Technology. The CFOO oversees long-term budgetary planning and cost management in alignment with the Foundation’s strategic plan and provides financial leadership to the President, the Board and its committees, and the Foundation Leadership Team. The CFOO is also charged with translating the Foundation’s strategic vision into an operational model that prioritizes well-considered process improvements and efficient and effective operations.

Contact and Application Process

Russell Reynolds Associates has been exclusively retained for this search. Prospective candidates are invited to submit a letter of interest and resume to the following address: CFOOSearchJTF@russellreynolds.com. All inquiries, nominations, and discussions will be considered strictly confidential.

Read the full description of the position here.