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Request Prescreen

Answering the five questions of the Request Prescreen is the first step in completing an Online Funding Inquiry. The Request Prescreen is designed to identify funding requests that the Foundation will not be able to support.

  1. 1Will any of the funds that you are requesting be used for the purchase of land or the purchase/construction of a building? 

    Sir John Templeton stipulated that his Foundation generally would not provide financial support to fund buildings or real estate holdings.
  2. 2Will a substantial portion of the total funds that you are requesting be used to purchase equipment?

    The Foundation does not provide funding for the purchase of equipment except in those cases where the requested equipment is deemed a vital and necessary component of a larger research or dissemination project that falls within the funding purposes of the Foundation.

  3. 3Will more than 25% of the total funds that you are requesting be used to cover the general operating expenses of your organization?

    The Foundation does not provide general operating support to universities, institutions, or organizations of any kind. Each of our grants is for specific projects with specific outputs and outcomes.

  4. 4Are you seeking funding to create a new company or business venture?

    The Foundation does not provide support for the development of new business ventures or the creation of for-profit companies.

  5. 5Is your request for scholarship funds to enable scholarship winners to attend college, graduate school, or professional school?

    Generally, the Foundation does not provide funding for academic scholarship competitions. However, the Foundation does sometimes provide tuition support for students who are playing a key role in grant funded projects.

If you answered "yes" to one or more of the questions above, it is unlikely that the Foundation will be able to support your project. We wish you the best in securing financial support from another funding source.

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