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How to Complete an OFI

All Online Funding Inquiries (OFI’s) are submitted electronically using the Templeton Portal. To complete an OFI please follow these three steps:

  1. 1Go to the Templeton Portal either to login or to create an account. Creating an account involves just a few simple steps
  2. 2Once you are logged in, your “My Dashboard” page allows you to create and manage your Online Funding Inquiry.
  3. 3Creating a new Online Funding Inquiry requires the following information:
    • 4Request Type: Select the appropriate Request Type for the OFI you will be submitting. The Request Type is a menu of choices corresponding to either a Core Funding Area or one of our Funding Priorities.
    • 5Prescreen: Review the request Prescreen questionnaire, which explains the types of projects the Foundation does not support.
    • 6Project Information: Describe the details of your project.
    • 7Personnel Information: Provide contact information for the people associated with your request.
    • 8Organization Information: Tell us about the organization affiliated with your request.
    • 9Review and Submit: This summary page allows you to review your answers and submit your Online Funding Inquiry to the Foundation.

Please note that you are free at any time to save your work in the Templeton Portal and return later to complete your OFI. After completing your OFI you must Submit it to the Foundation by pressing the “Submit” button on the Review and Submit page. Once submitted you will not be able to edit your OFI further.

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