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OFI Review Process

Online Funding Inquiry Review Windows
2015 Funding Cycle :April 16 to May 14 (notification by May 15)

Online Funding Inquiries are reviewed by the Foundation's program staff during the dates listed above. The Foundation will not review or decide upon any OFI outside of these review windows. Depending on when your OFI was submitted, it may take the Foundation several months to notify you of our decision to invite a Full Proposal or to decline your OFI. Please plan to submit your OFI early enough that it will be possible for the Foundation to provide funding before your expected start date.

The Foundation reviews each OFI in terms of the overall quality and realism of the proposed project. We also pay close attention to such key sections of the OFI form as Strategic Promise, Capacity for Success, and Relation to Donor Intent.

The Foundation considers each OFI in light of our limited resources and relative to the quality of similar proposed projects. We simply cannot fund every good project idea, and we invite Full Proposals based on the OFIs that we consider to be the very strongest.