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How to Complete a Full Proposal Webform

The Full Proposal is the required second stage of requesting funding from the Foundation. Full Proposals are by invitation only, after a request has passed through the Online Funding Inquiry state. All Full Proposals must be submitted electronically using the Templeton Portal. To complete a Full Proposal form, you should:

  1. 1Log in to your Templeton Portal account utilizing the username and password you created to submit your Online Funding Inquiry.
  2. 2Open your Full Proposal by clicking on the linked Project Title.
  3. 3Read the instructions on the Intro page and click continue.
  4. 4Complete the Full Proposal form by answering the various questions grouped into the following sections:
  •   Summary – The Summary Information page contains all of the core descriptive highlights of your proposed project including the Project Title, Executive Summary, Relation to Donor Intent, Request Amount, and Project Dates. 

  •   Personnel – The Personnel Information page collects information on the people who will be involved in implementing the project (if funded). 

  •   Organization – The Organization information page allows the Foundation to collect relevant information about the organization that will be responsible for the grant. This includes the official legal name of the organization, its tax identification number (if relevant), the names of all board members, and the contract signatory. Please note the Foundation does fund individuals and even for-profit organizations. 

  •   Project – The Project Description and Activities is the largest section of the proposal and contains fields designed for applicants to describe their project in detail while answering specific questions. 

  •    Results – The Results page covers three topics of vital importance to all philanthropic projects considered by the John Templeton Foundation: 1 the Outputs (products), 2 the Outcomes (the immediate difference the project will make), 3 the Enduring Impact (the potential long-term changes and differences that may be traced back to this project). 

  •    Budget - The Budget page allows the Foundation to collect the details descibing how the requested funds would be used to finance the proposed project. This section consists of a required Budget Template (downloadable in Excel), a Budget Narrative, and a computation of the project's Cost Effectiveness. 

  •  Supporting Materials - The Additional Supporting Documents and Materials page provides applicants with the opportunity to attach electronic documents relevant to the consideration of the proposed project. This page is also where the Foundation collects contact information on five potential expert reviewers.

 All required fields in the Full Proposal are maked in * and must be completed in order to submit the Full Proposal for funding consideration.


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