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Online Funding Inquiry (OFI) Questions

Can I create and submit an OFI at any time of the year?

You may only create and submit an OFI during the specific windows associated with the grantmaking calendar.


May I submit more than one Online Funding Inquiry?

Yes. You may submit more than one Online Funding Inquiry if you have more than one project for which you are seeking funding. Each OFI must be completed in full.

If I submit my OFI early, will you review it early?

Typically no. The Foundation reviews all Online Funding Inquiries during a specified window of time. Please visit our grantmaking calendar to learn more about OFI review dates.

What happens after I submit my Online Funding Inquiry?

The Foundation will review all Online Funding Inquiries and notify applicants via email of our decision in accordance with the grantmaking calendar.  

What happens next if my Online Funding Inquiry is invited?

Your notification email will provide additional information and direct you to the required Full Proposal web form accessible via the Templeton Portal. Please note that Full Proposals are by invitation only.

If my Online Funding Inquiry is declined, will the Foundation provide feedback?

Typically no. Because of the large number of OFI’s we receive, the Foundation is unable to provide specific feedback to each applicant.

Funding Timeline

We are not currently accepting Online Funding Inquiries for our Core Funding Areas.

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