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Online Funding Inquiry (OFI) Questions

What if I don’t know which request type applies to my proposed project?

If you believe your project idea is related to one or more Core Funding Areas or Funding Priorities, you may indicate that you are “unsure.” The “unsure” option is the last category listed under the Core Funding Areas request type.

If I answer “yes” to one or more of the prescreen questions, does that mean the Foundation will not fund my request?

 If you answer “yes” to one or more of the prescreen questions, it is unlikely that the Foundation will fund your request.

Do the character limits on the OFI fields include spaces and punctuation?

 Yes, they do include both spaces and punctuation.


The character limits on the response fields are too short for me to tell you about my project. May I attach a longer narrative?

The OFI is a short introduction to your proposed project. If the Foundation is interested in learning more about your proposed project, we will invite you to submit a Full Proposal. The Full Proposal will provide you with significantly more space to describe your project.

Will the response fields in the OFI form accept formatting and special characters?

The OFI form accepts plain text only; it does not support special characters. If special characters (such as formulas) are required to describe your project, you may attach a document with information supplementing your project description.

Are any of the questions that appear in the OFI optional?

The fields with an asterisk (*) are required to complete the OFI; all other fields are optional.


How do I submit my OFI?

After completing all required fields, proceed to the “Review and Submit” page. At the bottom of that page you may click “Mark for Submission” to send it to the Foundation.

May I edit my OFI after I have submitted it?

No, once submitted your Online Funding Inquiry will become read-only and you will not be able to edit it further.

May I withdraw an OFI that I have marked for submission?

No, once an Inquiry has been submitted you will need to contact the Foundation via the Contact Us form on our website. 

If I submit my OFI early, will you review it early?

Generally the Foundation reviews all Online Funding Inquiries during a specified window of time. Please visit our grantmaking calendar to learn more about OFI review dates.

What happens after I submit my Online Funding Inquiry?

The Foundation will review all Online Funding Inquiries. For those that we feel offer the greatest potential for advancing Sir John Templeton’s philanthropic vision, we will issue an invitation to complete a Full Proposal. Please note that Full Proposals are by invitation only.

How will I know if the Foundation has received my Online Funding Inquiry?

You will receive an e-mail acknowledgement that your OFI was received, and you can check the status of your OFI inside the Templeton Portal.

If my Online Funding Inquiry is declined, will the Foundation provide feedback?

 No. Because of the large number of OFI’s we receive, the Foundation is unable to provide specific feedback.

May I submit more than one Online Funding Inquiry?

Yes. You may submit more than one Online Funding Inquiry if you have more than one project for which you are seeking funding. Each OFI must be completed in full.

What happens if my Online Funding Inquiry is accepted?

 The Foundation has a required Full Proposal form that will be sent to those grant-seekers whose OFI’s have been accepted. Please note that Full Proposals are by invitation only.

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We are not currently accepting Online Funding Inquiries for our Core Funding Areas.

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