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The Purpose Prize™: A Prize for Social Innovators Over the Age of 60

Project Leader(s)

Marc Freedman, Founder and CEO


Encore.org (San Francisco, California)


In partnership with the Atlantic Philanthropies, these two grants helped to launch and expand The Purpose Prize™, a nationwide initiative that seeks to inspire men and women with a vision of how to live with purpose in retirement. The annual Purpose Prize awards five $100,000 prizes and five $50,000 prizes to exceptional social innovators over the age of 60. The prizes are supported through an extensive communications campaign and the creation of the Purpose Prize Fellows program, a national network that includes all previous Purpose Prize winners, finalists, and semifinalists.

Grant Amount:
Start Date:
January 2005
End Date:
September 2013
Grant ID:
11407, 13922

Suite of 2 separate grants totaling $8,148,322

Other Participants

James Harold Emerman, Executive Vice President
Encore.org (San Francisco, California)

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