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Exploring the Infinite (RFP Program)

Project Leader(s)

Harvey Friedman Distinguished University Professor of Mathematics, Computer Science, Philosophy, and Music, Ohio State University


Jeremy Avigad, Carnegie Mellon University, The Infinite in Combinatorics and Number Theory

Alexandre Borovik, University of Manchester, A Dialogue of Infinity

Andrey Bovykin, University of Bristol, The Study of Unprovability

Lorenzo Carlucci, University of Rome, Shadows of Inifinty

Laura Crosilla, Universita delgi Studi di Firenze, Infinity in Constructive Mathematics

Kirsten Eisentrager, Pennsylvania State University, Extensions of Hilbert's Tenth Problem

William Ewald, University of Pennsylvania, Cantor, Hilbert, and the Infinite

Su Gao, University of North Texas, Classifying Infinity

Denis Hirschfeldt, University of Chicago, Effective Mathematics of the Uncountable

Peter Koellner, Harvard University, Prospects for Resolving the Continuum Hypothesis: Inner Model Theory and the Structure Theory of L

Jan Krajicek, Charles University, Prague, Proof Complexity and Infinite Structures

Steffen Lempp, University of Wisconsin, Exploring the Infinte by Finitary Means

Florian Pop, University of Pennsylvania, Exploring the Infinite: Discrete versus Non-Discrete and Beyond

Thomas Scanlon, University of California, Berkeley, Boundedness, Finiteness, and Infinity in Diophantine Geometry

Alexandra Shlapentokh, East Carolina University, Defining Integrality at Infinitely Many Primes and Other Infinite Problems Connected to Diophantine Definability and Decidability

Richard Shore, Cornell University, Computability, Provability, and Infinity

Stephen G. Simpson, Pennsylvania State University, Degree Theory: A New Beginning

Theodore Slaman, University of California, Berkeley, Randomness and the Infinite

John Steel, University of California, Berkeley, Exploring the Infinite: Mathematics and Mathematical Logic

Andreas Weiermann, Ghent University, Phase Transitions in Logic and Combinatorics (PTLC)

Phillip Welch, University of Bristol, Philosophical Theories of Truth, Transfinite Computation, and Infinite Games


This RFP program was designed to advance understanding of the topic of infinity by building a global network of scholars in mathematics, computer science, philosophy, and other fields and by supporting their research. The program aims to cross traditional disciplinary boundaries and to promote the fertilization of new ideas on infinity. A panel of jurors, chaired by Harvey Friedman, invited proposals and selected the 21 grantees.

Grant Amount:
Start Date:
January 2007
End Date:
December 2007
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